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The promoters of M.T.R. feel privileged to say ‘Padharo Sa’ to its customers old and new. With advancing developments in the field of technology, we felt it was very vital to expand our spectrum of dedicated service and hospitality by reaching you through a medium that you would find most convenient.

This website aims to provide all the necessary information about your restaurant, M.T.R. Kindly feel free to drop any suggestions. Hoping to soon get an opportunity to say ‘Padharo Sa…’ to you.
With the advent in popularity of ‘fast food’ and decrease in the number of restaurants serving home-like pure, palatable and satiable food, the need for M.T.R. was felt. In today’s age when junk food has become the ‘in’ thing, M.T.R. is an effort in bringing home the authentic and warm Marwari style of food as well as hospitality.

Our endeavor is a modest and sincere effort in serving traditional food, that’s healthy.

At your service,
Since 2004.
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